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"The more you read,

the more things you will know.

The more that you learn,

the more places you'll go."

Dr Seuss

Reading is essential for success in all walks of life, It is also one of life's great pleasures! We help our children learn the skills to read for purpose as well as enjoyment.


There are two key skills needed to be a good reader; the ability to decode words and understand what they mean.



Using letter sounds (phonics) helps your child to work out new words. We use the Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar programs throughout the school. The program breaks the English language into letter sounds and the children are taught how to use these to read and spell words. They also learn 'tricky' words that can't be read or spelled using letter sounds. Your child will also be thinking about the context of  a word, whether it is grammatically correct and to look for visual clues.



"Book talk" is vital for teaching your child to read as it develops their understanding. In school we discuss texts in English lessons, Guided Group reading sessions with the class teacher and in individual sessions. We might be re-telling stories, finding information, predicting what might happen or inferring meaning from texts. We could also be discussing character, plot setting and use of language amongst other things.


How You Can Help

Your child will be bringing home a reading book from school. Encourage them to read these books daily.

Encourage your child to read widely and often. The best readers read a variety of texts, for example stories, information books, comics, signs, captions, labels and websites (with your permission).

Read to your child so that they hear language correctly modelled. If your child is lucky enough to speak more than one language, share books in your mother tongue as well.

Talk to your child about their reading. You could ask what they like or don't like about the book, what has happended so far? What might happen next? What are the characters like? How does the author describe the setting? You could look for information together and answer questions about the text.

Most importantly, have fun. We all do well at the things we enjoy!