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We love learning!

Early Years



At Oakdale we foster positive attitudes to learning by providing a secure environment and focusing on what children can do.

Our teaching across Nursery and Reception reflects Development Matters milestones and progresses towards the Early Learning Goals, helping us meet the diverse needs of all children within our Early Years setting. Through effective teaching and learning the majority of our children achieve a good level of development by the time they leave Reception.




  • to provide opportunities to learn through first hand experiences
  • to encourage self-discipline and independence
  • to develop positive attitudes towards school
  • to provide opportunities that cover all areas of learning
  • to allow children to develop as independent learners and preserve individuality
  • to identify children's abilities and promote further development
  • to encourage positive relationships with peers and adults
  • to provide open-ended activities and allow children time to develop their ideas and interests without interruption
  • to ensure that children learn within an atmosphere and environment which  encourages their full potential and builds on what they can do
  • to ensure welfare and safeguarding procedures are rigorous
  • to provide equal opportunities for all children
  • to develop a relationship with families which supports and enhances the development of their children